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Colour Harmony & Contrast for the Artist

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This is probably the single most comprehensive book on the subject ever written. The realist as well as the abstract painter rarely produces outstanding colour work. Why should this be so, given the wide range of artist’s colours now available?

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The colours which surround us in the countryside, rain forest, desert, plain or seascape always balance beautifully. Yet when artists attempt to depict these very scenes in their work the colours seldom harmonise to the same extent. The Realist as well as the abstract painter rarely produces outstanding work. Why should this be so, given the wide range of artist’s colours now available? The answers lie in this book. Your work could improve dramatically as you come to understand this vital area.

The Artist’s Colour Solutions CD and Home Study Courses are designed to accompany the book.

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Gardners Books (September 30, 2002)

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7 reviews for Colour Harmony & Contrast for the Artist

  1. amazon

    Color Harmony indeed

    I bought this book because I am a fine artist, painter, and I wanted to know more about tonal color mixing, among other things. I ordered the book, it arrived, I glanced through it, and that night I stayed up ’till four am pouring over it. It is, once beyond all the color theory, is more useful than I can say. I will admit I don’t run to it on a daily basis, but when I’m faced with mixing an unusual color, and my brain, eye connection isn’t working very well, I pull the book out, and so far, I’ve always found what I needed. It’s well organized, and very comprehensive. I highly recommend it.
    By B. Adams (AMAZON – Verified Purchase)

  2. amazon

    A mountain of infos
    Quite involved, but very informative.
    By Isabelle S. (AMAZON – Verified Purchase)

  3. amazon

    Five Stars
    Superb book works well with the above as a mobile source of information.
    By Christopher Sayers (AMAZON – Verified Purchase)

  4. amazon

    Five Stars
    By janeton April 26, 2017
    Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

    I love this guy. its just a great overview and helps you get to know color.

  5. amazon

    Great book.
    By Amazon Customeron June 6, 2014
    Perfect Colour Choices for the Artist|Verified Purchase

    This is another good book on learning the use of color. A bit lengthy but then it’s thorough. Worth reading and having.

  6. amazon

    Top Notch. The best yet.
    By Nanette Nebeon May 29, 2014
    Perfect Colour Choices for the Artist|Verified Purchase

    Any visual artist would find this book a very useful addition to their reference resources. It is so well written and covers just about everything they would require in colour combinations and mixes. What works together and what would make interesting combinations.

  7. amazon

    As Good As It Gets In Terms Of Useful Information For Artist
    By Nigelon February 24, 2004
    Perfect Colour Choices for the Artist|Verified Purchase

    If you have read “Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green” also by Wilcox, this is the de facto companion volume. In this he lays out systematically the various color schemes available to the artist and uses examples of great art to teach each scheme. Furthermore he analyzes each scheme in relation to the palette he teaches in “Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green.” If, like me, you are a convert and use this particular palette, the analyses of the color scheme choices is so helpful that it literally revolutionizes the way you will be able to simplify your color choices. The main thing is that one should first get a copy of “Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green.’ If you are detrermined to go straight for this book, the color swatches from “Blue and Yellow Don’t Make Green” are reproduced in the back of the book. If you are a working artist, make sure you have the following palette on hand: Cadmium Yellow (light or Pale), Lemon or Hansa Yellow Light, Cadmium Scarlet or Cadmium Red Light, Permanent Rose or Quinacridone Rose, French Ultramarine or UltraMarine Blue, Cerulean Blue, Winsor Blue red shade or Pthalocyanine Blue (or Prussian Blue), Pthalocyanine or Winsor Green blue shade, Burnt Sienna, Raw Sienna (white–except if using watercolor). He has a website […] in which paints and a special organizing palette can be ordered if one so desires. These books are as good as it gets in terms of useful knowledge for the artist.

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