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Cadmium Yellow Light (37ml Oils)


Orange-Yellow, Opaque

Cadmium Yellow Light has been selected as our orange-yellow because it is strong, light fast and handles very well in all media. Many orange-yellows on the market tend to fade or darken on exposure to light. This will not happen with Cadmium Yellow. An opaque colour which will give reasonably clear washes.




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  • A clean, strong, bright yellow. Noted for its opacity, it has very good covering power. However it is strong enough to allow for reasonably clear washes when well diluted.
  • Unaffected by light under normal circumstances, it is however, sensitive to moisture in strong light. An outstanding pigment.
  • Extremely lightfast, it rated 1 during ASTM testing in all of our media. A fine yellow with a useful range of values.
  • Justifiably considered by many, including ourselves, to be the most important light yellow of the palette. Non-metallic preservatives.

Additional information

Weight .040 kg
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 3 cm
Type of Paint

Artists Quality Oil Paint

Colour Type

Orange-Yellow, Opaque

Common Name

Cadmium Yellow Light

Colour Index Name

PY35 (Pigment Yellow 35)

Colour Index Number


Chemical Class

Concentrated Cadmium Seleno Sulphide (CC) (SM)

ASTM rating

Extremely lightfast, it rated 1 during ASTM testing in all of our media.



Tube Size



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