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Cadmium Red Light (37ml Oils)


Orange-Red, Opaque


Cadmium Red Light, an orange-red will give bright oranges when mixed with Cadmium Yellow Light and dark, grayed violets with Cerulean Blue. Being opaque it covers well but has sufficient strength to give reasonably clear washes. It is lightfast, unlike Vermilion (an alternative orange-red) which can turn black on exposure.




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  • Absolutely lightfast. Rated ASTM 1 as a watercolor, oil paint, acrylic or gouache. Possesses an excellent range of qualities. An outstanding pigment well worth any additional cost.
  • Pigment Red 108 is a first rate colorant with very desirable qualities. Varying in hue from a bright orange-red to a deeper violet-red. Opaque, with good hiding power, it is nevertheless strong enough to give reasonably transparent washes.
  • It will not bleed into other colours and resists light, heat, Hydrogen Sulphide and alkalis. Non- metallic preservatives.



Additional information

Weight .040 kg
Dimensions 10 × 3 × 3 cm
Type of Paint

Artists Quality Oil Paint

Colour Type

Orange-Red, Opaque

Common Name

Cadmium Red Light

Colour Index Name

PR108 (Pigment Red 108)

Colour Index Number


Chemical Class

Concentrated Cadmium Seleno Sulphide (CC)

ASTM rating

Rated ASTM 1 as a watercolor, oil paint, acrylic or gouache.



Tube Size



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