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General Data Protection Regulations

Whenever a customer places an order, the School of Colour receives the customer’s:

Full address for shipping
Telephone number
Email address

This information is stored securely to enable follow up information on offers etc. to be made.

If you do not wish us to hold such information please inform us using the ‘contact us’ facility and your details will be removed immediately.

If the School of Colour should be hacked you will be informed within seven days or sooner.

We do not collect and/or analyse personal data from customer’s telephones, any apps that they might use and the sites that they might visit.

We do not see or note customer’s credit card card details on the sales reports that we keep for taxation purposes.

Because all payments are received through PayPal only they hold such information and are responsible for keeping it secure,

An option to unsubscribe to our newsletters is made available with each copy sent.



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